Republican mailers in 2017

I’ve seen a few tweets like the one below over the past few days.

But I couldn’t help but think this…

Below is a list of mailers for Republican campaigns and GOTV operations I’ve come across online.

Notice the vast majority are from official arms of the Republican Party – the NRSC, the state parties of New York and Virginia. I’ve noted where the mailers were delivered and included links to local news coverage where have been called out for fearmongering and race-baiting. Republicans appear to have decided, based on some combination of Trump’s example and independent research I’d guess, that this is what they need to do to win. The only way to stop it is going to be showing them it won’t work.

I’ll be updating the list as I come across more…


Republican mailers in 2017

5 thoughts on “Republican mailers in 2017

  1. […] Up and down the ballot, Republicans have determined that the most effective way to implement their agenda is to embrace white-supremacist rhetoric. Nearly every signatory of the National Review’s Never Trump issue in February 2016 has ended up embracing Trump. Republicans may claim to be wary of primary challengers, but I predict that no sitting Republican senator will lose a contested primary to another Republican in the 2018 midterms. I also predict that Republicans will lose the House in 2018 and then Democrats will use the oversight power to aggressively pursue Trump. […]


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